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Using your Global Roaming Data

Once you have set up your SIM you can use your data by turning on “Roaming Data” on your device.

If your device isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, data will be delivered over the cellular network. In most countries this will be at 4G LTE speeds.

Log into your Woolworths Global Roaming Account Portal to check your remaining balance, usage rates and bundles. Or, simply dial *120# on your phone and press the CALL button to receive the remaining balance of your current bundle.

If you get to a new country and your device doesn't connect to a local network, please:

  • Confirm the country is included in your bundle
  • Power off the device fully, then power back on again.
  • If you are still not able to connect please check your data balance, then check our FAQs or contact Customer Service.
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    • Quick Tips to make the best use of your data overseas:

      Some apps use data in the background, and can use up your data bundle without you being aware of it.  To prevent this, we recommend the following tips:

      • Switch off Mobile Data for the apps you don't need
      • Switch off “Automatic Updates”
      • Turn off “Auto-play Videos” on Social Media News Feeds
      • For video streaming apps – set the video resolution to the smallest setting
      • Turn off Mobile Data for Automatic Photo and Video Cloud backups (unless you want this).

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    • Using your Global Roaming Data

      Make the most of our low data rates while you travel!

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