How To Guides

Before you travel, please read the following guides to help you set up and get the most of your Woolworths Global Roaming SIM.

How do I make calls & send SMS?

If you wish to make a call or send an SMS from your Woolworths Global Roaming SIM, you must use the correct international dialling code for the person you wish to contact. For example, if you call Australia, you should use the country code +61.

If calling other countries please check the relevant international code.
We have a handy list of international dialling codes here.

How the calling process works?

Your phone will use a feature called Automatic Call Back.

  1. When making a call, diall the number of the person you wish to contact using the correct country dialling code.
  2. After dialling the number the phone will hang up and you will be called back within seconds (this enables us to offer you the best rates).
  3. Answer the phone and wait till the call is connected to the person you were calling.

Woolworths Call Back

How do my friends & family contact me?

Your Woolworths Global Roaming SIM card begins with the international dialling code +44 (or 0044). If someone wishes to contact you, they must use this code.

Example 1: if someone is calling you from a landline, they should use the international access code "0011"
i.e. they should dial "0011 44744 724 XXXX"

Example 2: If they are calling from a mobile they can use either '+' or '0011'
i.e. they can dial either "+44744724XXXX" or "0011 44744724 XXXX".

How do I manage my data roaming?

If you did not install your Internet Settings during the SIM activation process you can still do so by logging into your online account and selecting "Internet Settings". The on-screen instructions will guide you through the set up.

If your handset or device was not available in the drop down list, please enter the following settings manually following your mobile device instructions: APN: Username: speedidata Password: speedidata

To use data while roaming ensure that you have "Data Roaming" turned ON.

You may not want to leave “Data Roaming” turned on constantly during your travels as some smartphones and devices tend to run background data without your knowledge.

At Woolworths Global Roaming, we recommend that you turn "Data Roaming" OFF when you do not plan on using data directly.

Helpful Tips

To check your balance free of charge, dial: *120#
To check what your Woolworths Global Roaming number is, dial: *123#
To download the "How To Guides" click here.

How do I activate my Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM?

When your SIM card arrives, please go to Activate SIM and follow the instructions carefully.

What is my number?

When you receive your SIM you will need to go to our website to Activate SIM (this is a security measure). Upon activation your number is displayed on your account.

You can also check your number from your phone by simply dialling *123# and press call.

How do I make a data connection (i.e. send and receive email/surf the internet)?

To use this feature you need to enter our APN (mobile access point in your handset).

Please use the following settings.

Username:   speedidata
Password:   speedidata

How do I top up/add credit to my account? How can I add a bundle?

You can do this via your accounts page, but you must login first to be able to access your account. Go to the "Add Credit" page after you've logged in and choose the top up amount you need and add it to your shopping cart. Credit is immediately added to your account upon successful completion of your transaction.

You can also opt to use Auto Top-up to recharge your credit, this ensures that you will never run out of credit while travelling. To start using this feature all you have to do is login and go to "Auto Top-up" and register a credit card, set the credit card as the default one to use to activate it and tweak the settings of Auto Top-up to your liking. You can find out more about Auto Top-up & Recharges on our About page.

You can add a bundle through Add Credit Bundle page in your Account section of the website.

A data bundle is likened to a package of data where you pay a tariff for predetermined usage amounts e.g. Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM offer a UK bundle for $7.50 for 250 MB rather than paying a casual rate p/MB. The tariff charged usually decreases the larger the bundle you have opted for. Choosing a data bundles can substantially bring down the cost of using data whilst roaming. Find out more about data bundles on our About page.

Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM currently accepts the following as payment methods:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Paypal

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